Apple IOS Devices

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Apple IOS Devices #

In order to change the Plex video quality settings on Apple IOS devices (iPhones, ipads & iPods).  From the home screen, hit the “hamburger menu” button in the upper left-hand corner.

From there, find the settings icon that looks like a Gear on the menu screen that slides out from the left.

From the Settings menu, find and select the Quality section:

Below is what you should see when you first open the Quality section:

We have to change a few things here,  First, click on Remote Streaming, and now you’ll notice that there isn’t an option for Original or Maximum like a lot of the other devices.  That’s because it’s hidden by default.

  • Select the Show All menu option from the list.

Then you will see the option we are looking for:

  • Select Maximum


Hit the < in the upper left and you will return to this screen; make sure your selections match the below:

  • Automatically Adjust Quality: DISABLED
  • Limit Cellular Data: 0.7 Mpbs, 320p
  • Remote Streaming: Maximum
  • Home Streaming: Maximum